February 29, 2020

Modern elements you need for every home

Bring modernity to your home with light, new finishes and minimalism.

There is no doubt that in this modern life, modern movements have affected all aspects of our daily lives. From cars, fashion and technology to the world of architecture and interior design. Many people use the terms modern or contemporary interchangeably to mean a more relaxing break of traditional norms and a new concept of rich design and modern thinking. Modern may also refer to the era of design style from the 1920s to the 1950s. There are 10 ways to bring a modern touch to the interior until you move from the light to the dark, open up the floor plan and present the neat furniture.

1. Easily bring light into the room.

At the beginning of the modern and post-modern design era in the 1920s and 1960s, there was a break in a traditional dark room with closed rooms and small windows. Bright, well-ventilated rooms replace the details that can be adopted at home in place of small, dark rooms. Choose the right floor plan to shine natural light through the windows, skylights, and solar tubes at the bottom and use translucent glass for your privacy zone.

Choose a subtle color with a vibrant color accent for the modern home

2. Choose a subtle color with more vivid color accents you really like.

Use neutral tones of gray, brown and black and white for flooring, furniture, lighting fixtures and fabrics. Modern colors will shed light on the metal details of your furniture, or let you get creative with textures and patterns. Using neutral colors does not make the interior boring. Texture seaweed furniture, for example, is beautiful to the touch and to the eye.

3. The use of natural materials can beautify indoors and outdoors

Instead of storing natural materials only on wooden furniture, modern houses can use natural and organic materials on the outside deck, as well as indoor leather furniture and simple decorative elements that are displayed throughout the house. Modern life has brought a new sense of using organic materials for modern furniture, such as wood, rock, slate, teak, cotton, wool and other colorful fabrics, and are not reserved for traditional home use.

Contemporary homes mix natural materials beautifully

4. Airiness brings a more comfortable interior to your modern home

Furniture designers began to make sofas, tables and furniture. The stuffy and heavy décor has been replaced by neat straight lines, which have been applied to modern homes that give a light, lively and casual feel. The furniture is lifted from the floor, giving a weightless appeal, and at home you can adopt these same characteristics.

5. Modern elements – the bottom of colorful finishes

The age of modern life gave the interior a comfortable feel with minimal lines and fewer “materials” as well as new materials. Barefoot floors with colorful finishes such as wood, ceramic and porcelain tiles, limestone and marble helped modern life. Natural and organic substances are essential in modern life. For more ideas, take a look at 10 ways to bring natural and organic elements into the room. Area rugs that allow you to walk comfortably and visually divide the space are ideal, especially in the living room and dining room. It is better to bring home a resilient floor to give it a fresh and modern look.

Contemporary furnishings provide an airiness to your interior

6. Open the interior with an open floor plan

Modern homes have the feeling of integrating all the interior spaces into one grand experience. The term “large room” is used to describe the blurring of distinct walls and boundaries of living spaces, such as the kitchen and living room. Open floor plans create an iconic, holistic, unified design aesthetic in an ideal, modern home. Your house.

7. Streamlined Modern Architectural Facade Detail

In view of modern influences, many often focus on the interior, but do not forget about important architectural facade details. Most exterior detailing lacks the heavy decoration of historic classic buildings and is replaced by simple straight or curved forms. Roof lines are divided into cantilevers or large overhangs, and unique features such as roof lines that appear flat on the outside are generally in modern style, in keeping with the nature of the house. The creative window design at home can add a modern instant appeal. For more architectural ideas, see 10 ways window design affects your interior.

Exterior architectural details seem to blend harmoniously with nature

8. Attention to the modern details of the house

As in the design age of the past, detailing is essential in modern homes. Great elements, such as lighting fixtures that look like a work of art, remain simple and distinct. Railings and handrails, once large pieces of handmade wood for the past decades, have been replaced by innovative tension cables, glass or industrial materials. Do not distract minimal interiors by adding striking modern details.

Look to contemporary details in your interiors

9. Technology is hidden behind a gorgeous interior

One of everyone’s favorite modern design areas is “hidden details.” See innovative technologies in the world of smart technology for smartphones, computers and homes. Modern details of wireless and remote access control for controlling electronics, heating / cooling systems, lighting, security, etc. are all hidden behind beautiful details. Introduce innovative controls to your home lifestyle and see how your modern home will feel. Technology has become a hidden luxury detail to add to the modern home. See the following tips for 10 simple ways to wake up your interior with Luxe Detail.

Use innovation and technology in your contemporary lifestyle

10. Solve the “old world” thinking in modern times

There is no doubt that all design times borrow and influence each other. The era of modern design is about getting rid of strict and formal design rules and about a more open and minimal approach. Whether you choose a more eclectic home, mix the past, or prefer ultramodern in the past, your home should reflect your lifestyle. Release the old days when you feel that every part of the house should have a label and enjoy modern life that is reflected throughout the colorful house.

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