February 29, 2020

Do not focus on these beauty features when buying a home

When shopping for a new house, it is natural to prefer a more aesthetically pleasing property. But beauty features are often decorative and trendy additions. Instead, decisions should be made based on the basic features and values of the house. This includes such elements as the plumbing, wiring and roof of the potential house.

Evan Roberts, a real estate broker at Dependable Homebuyers in Baltimore, Maryland, said, “As a home buyer, it’s important to focus on value rather than bells and whistles that can distract homes. “Many species and whistles are cheap to replicate,” he says. Therefore, you should not pay more and not based on the decision to buy a home. “

Don’t increase coupons based on species and whistles. You may like them, but that doesn’t mean the next home buyer. Lucas Machado, president of Florida’s House Heroes, said, “If you pay for low-cost features, reselling will be difficult. “If an unexpected sudden move is needed, potential buyers will not add high value to low-cost features that are already worn.” As a result, he told Freshome that sales would not stop selling due to loss or that home sales would not cover the remaining mortgage balance. If you must be a landlord.

There may be a list of “must-haves” in the new home, but it is important to be flexible and consider the big picture. J.B., president of the neighboring company Handyman. Sasno (JsB Sano) warned that “small details are easy to grasp.” “Consider which project is quickly resolved before the faucet is old and the house is closed.”

Plumbing fixtures

Speaking of faucets, let’s start with sinks and plumbing fixtures. For example, a heart may tremble in a farm sink. But will you decide whether to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your home in a sink that actually costs hundreds of dollars?

Another “must have” for some is a pull-down or contactless faucet. But John Blackman, a real estate agent for Austin Homes Team’s Keller Williams / Heart, tells Freshome that he can keep up with the latest faucet trends.

If you are looking at a kitchen or bathroom with outdated hardware, then these beauty features are not the deciding factor. Sassano adds, “If you update your bathroom and kitchen with new hardware like door handles, switch plate covers, vent covers, cabinet handles and knobs, towel racks and wall hooks, all you need is a traditional driver to refresh the space.


Crystal chandeliers are now followed by all the fury and pendant lights. But cool, but for $ 100- $ 200 you can choose between dizziness and several types of lights. Therefore, take the time to enjoy the lighting fixtures and check the electrical wiring.

Crown molding

Crown molding, chair railings and other types of woodworking add architectural details to the home, but you should not be willing to pay for the cost of the home. At the time of publication, a home improvement shop advertised a three-foot crown molding for $ 13.97. You can also use paint to make the dress look like a three piece molding. This is an example of how some beauty features may not appear.

“Many builders use MDF or medium-density fiberboard, but the material doesn’t last long,” said Seth Argo, president of Nashville’s high-end custom home developer Focus Builders. “It’s not as smooth as a high-quality alternative and can be painted, but it doesn’t allow stains,” he adds.

Garage doors

A nice garage door looks great and adds luxury, but it costs nothing. In fact, he says it’s the # 1 value-added factor to boost sales prices, whether it’s painted wood or look like real wood. This is good news for sellers and information that buyers need to know.

Custom kitchen cabinets

The custom kitchen cabinets of the home under consideration may not be custom kitchen cabinets. “You may think you’re using a custom cabinet, but it’s actually a cabinet,” says Argo. He says that it is standard for the majority of builders to use factory cabinets. “Some of these cabinets may look great from a distance, but they can actually be sold as custom cabinets at a low price after they are produced in large quantities.” To know the difference, it is better to feel the material and hardware of the cabinet.

But suppose you have old and old cabinets in your house. Sassano says that replacement can be expensive. “As long as the cabinet looks good, it can look new with new doors, new hardware, or new paint,” he adds. Again, it is the basic quality of the features and styles of the home or cosmetic features.


When the house is painted beautifully, Machado advises not to shake it. “The brightly painted bright room is immediately attractive, but the walls can be displayed in a few months. He also warns that wall paint dissolves quickly and says that paint does not really add great value to its properties. Machado said, “You can get a new coat of the color you want at minimal cost.

Lance Marrs, broker of Living Room Realty in Portland Oregon said, “Painting the basement and walls can cause masking problems under the surface. “A good nose, even with fresh paint, can detect potential moisture problems that are invisible,” he explains. Marrs encourages home inspectors to check for signs of water problems.


There are two reasons why you should not shake your hands. Michael Hausam of the Hausam Group at Shore Capital, Irvine, Calif.

He also added that a perfectly prepared house is almost impossible to assess objectively. Remember that the house is absolutely the best.

What to look for at home

What factors should be considered when buying a home? Machado explains, “Main items such as roofs, heating and cooling systems, patios, swimming pools, electricity and fully green lawns are expensive and time consuming to install and replace. “Big ticket items add real estate value and should be reflected in your decisions and suggestions,” he advises.

Hausman recommends evaluating and evaluating the home for its benefits rather than its appearance. “Focused on questions like ‘Is this a picture that entertains friends in this kitchen / backyard / living room?’ Or ‘Is this house relatively cheap?’ There is. Focusing on the house and focusing on the house, not the beauty features that are easy to replace, will help you find the right house.

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