February 29, 2020

DIY Repurposed Pallet Storage Hacks for Home

Old wooden pallets are the ideal medium for creating practical and versatile storage in almost every area of the home. From building living room coffee tables with built-in storage to combining vertical storage systems in your garage, there are endless ways to use your pallets to get the desperately needed storage at home without destroying your bank.

Where Can You Get Old Pallets?

Small commercial and manufacturing industries. If you do not deliver pallets every day, there are small commercial and manufacturing companies on a weekly basis and usually do not know how to remove all pallets. Try hardware stores and garden stores, feed and pet supplies stores, power equipment and lawn mower stores, and motorcycle parts stores. In general, these businesses receive a small, clean palette, which is ideal for storage repurpose projects. It’s also a better luck for small businesses that dispose of their pallets in the dumpster rather than through large recycling companies.
Craigslist. Individuals and businesses always create a free palette list. You can also find the list on Freecycle.
The best option for finding old pallets varies from region to region, depending on your preferred recycling system.

Finally, when you are in the pallet market, always keep your eyes open whenever you go out. You don’t know when you can see piles of pallets stacked in front of the curb or behind the office park.

If you can’t find a palette anywhere or start right away with a palette hack, creating your own palette is also a good option. Talk to the construction staff building a new home or business, ask for a spare board or pick up the board at your local home improvement store. Follow the instructions to make your own wooden pallets from Instructables.

Basic Shelving Unit

Basic pallet shelving unit is one of the simplest and most versatile pallet hacks. In just a few hours, you’ll have the storage you need for almost every area of ​​your home. From living rooms to bedrooms, kitchens and even toilets, pallet racks blend in with existing spaces. The shelf unit can be configured to the exact size required, so you do not even have to rearrange the furniture. Choose a simple wooden bookcase plan in Family Handyman.

Using an old wooden pallet, you can take your average prefabricated shelf unit to the next level. Most prefabricated shelves have inexpensive cardboard bases that won’t get damaged when you move the shelves at first. Cut the pallet board and reduce the size of the back of the shelf to wood, increasing the durability and visual appeal of the equipment. Check out the great instructions with detailed instructions from Over the Big Moon and another beautiful example from Noting Grace.


Many homeowners are looking for an inexpensive bookcase that works in small home spaces. The 6-foot-high mahogany bookcase is beautiful but not practical for most homeowners. From small living rooms to children’s bedrooms, pallet bookcases feel like home in a cozy reading corner. You can flexibly design bookshelves for your specific book storage needs. Single pallets mounted on the wall may be suitable for children’s books or cookbooks, while multiple stacked stack units may be better suited for the collection of books for larger living rooms. Check out the tutorials from Thriving Home and Home Stories A through Z for inspiration made with love beyond Picket Fence, Me and Madeline.

Coffee table with storage

If you want a coffee table in your living room or living room and need more storage, then a pallet coffee table with built-in storage is natural. Many people like to keep books and magazines in their living space, but they don’t always like to see books. Keeping reading materials and other small objects on a coffee table makes the room look less dark and the objects are close by. Master the tutorial in Sustainable Decor and 1001 Pallets.

Headboard With Storage

DIY headboards are furious these days. So you can find numerous tutorials including pallet headboards. The advantage of a pallet headboard that can be stored is that it combines naturally. Whether you want visible or hidden storage or a combination of the two, you should have no difficulty finding a configuration that provides the storage you need without too much work. Pallet headboards are also very versatile. Create elegant headboards for master bedrooms with dark stains and concealed storage spaces or design fun headboards for children’s bedrooms with bright paint colors and striking shelves for displaying your favorite books, toys and stuffed animals do it. DIY and Crafts is an awesome place to inspire your pallet headboard.

Coach Lights and Concave Shelf Pallet Wood Headboard

Kitchen Storage

Kitchen repairs are expensive. Adding pallet storage is a simple way to get the short or long term storage needed for food, cooking or kitchen equipment. From creating a basic pallet display for fresh fruits and vegetables to creating a sliding cabinet hidden next to the fridge, the way to integrate pallet storage in your kitchen is limitless. If floor space is limited, consider a storage option that is installed on a wall or plugged into a small wasted space. Get tutorials on hidden refrigerator break slide-out pantry and wine racks from Kurtz Corner in Instructables. Check out the inspiration for Wooden Potato Bucket at gardeners.com.

Bathroom Storage

The bathroom is another area of the home where mounting pallet storage can be important for comfortable operation of additional storage in tight spaces. One of the most common ways to create storage in the bathroom using pallets is to mount pallet boards and then attach glass jars to small bathroom items. You can also mount pallet racks and place items on the shelves, just like any other type of bathroom shelf unit. Get a tutorial on pallet-type bathroom storage at Saved by Love Creations.

Laundry Storage

Nobody wants a laundry basket that takes up valuable floor space in a small bedroom or laundry room or clutters an elegant master bedroom. Stacking laundry baskets will help you organize your basket and sort your laundry easily. For added versatility, add wheels to the laundry basket unit. Choose a tutorial from Ana White and Hoosier Homemade. You can also create a laundry room in a larger clothes rack, closet, or dressing room.

Shoe Storage

There are more fun ways to spend money than shoe storage. If your luxury doorway bench with built-in shoe storage is out of your budget, try making it yourself. You can take advantage of the shoe storage that you need to organize and organize comfortably, while creating a convenient space to put on or take off your shoes at a comfortable price. Pallet shoe storage is also suitable for mudroom or bedroom wardrobes. Receive tutorial by 3 sisters and My Sophia Ryan.

Garage Organization

Garages are the ideal place for pallet storage solutions, since most home owners are not too worried about the aesthetics of the storage devices in their garages. Assemble the pallet storage and keep it well without worrying about stains or paints. Large pallets or one row of small pallets are suitable for shovels, racks and other large yard equipment, and one small pallet is also suitable for small tools, garden supplies and loose boards. Check out our garage pallet storage ideas at Hometalk, Unexpected Elegance, and Our Little Acre.

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