February 29, 2020

Art option: what can be hung on the wall instead of frame art

How to Decorate Artistically Without Framed Art

Is it not time to consider wall decoration? If you are looking for something new and unique, the walls are definitely worth more than just plain framed art. Have fun with alternative wall decor ideas. Turn your old and tired works into quirky and unexpected items that add color, shape and texture to your walls.

There is an easy and creative way to fill the walls without emptying the pocket completely. Unique items may include everyday things that may be around your home. The list of objects is virtually limitless, but I’ve narrowed it down to the nine best ideas to draw your imagination.

1. Install Wall Planters

Wall planters are a great way to lighten the space and purify the air. Plant holders in the kitchen are ideal for growing fresh herbs for home cooks. Creative wall hanging pots take up less space, so you do not need to buy a variety of pots of different sizes. In this way you can enjoy greenery and living colors all year round.

If you’re a handy DIY user, you can make your own wall plant holder instead of buying a ready-made version at your garden center or home decor retailer. Choose succulent plants with low maintenance and low water. This wall garden is a wonderful design statement and environmentally friendly.

Many variations feature wooden or metal frames consisting of terracotta pots, plastic lining canvas pockets or multiple rows of zinc cubes. You can also find individual wall pots and vases made of sealed clay, colorful glazed geofoam stoneware, sparkling metallic semicircles directly touching the walls.

This chalkboard planter holder is stylish and perfect in the kitchen for herb cooking.

2. Hang Fun Banners and Garlands

Fantastic wreaths and banners are perfect for a child nursery or a children’s room. Colorful ribbons or paper-shaped lines brighten the space and blend in with the furniture and accessories in the room. Tassel garlands can be made in pastel or vivid colors with tissue materials such as raffia, yarn, embroidery thread, tissue paper and fabrics.

Different types of decorative wreaths consist of pom poms, artificial berries, wooden beads and silk flowers. Trendy pennant banners are tied with a string and you can easily dress up a soft wall. Find it at a party supply store or children’s department. You can also use these banners and wreaths to decorate your teen room.

Pennant banners are an easy and cheap way to decorate the walls in your child’s

3. Install Vintage Doors and Windows

If your home lacks architectural interest, you can attach repurposed items to the walls to style them in any room of your home. Vintage doors and windows work well in casual, modern or traditional homes. It can be marked as original wear or refinished. Either way, it offers a variety of design possibilities.

With or without glass windows, antique doors and window frames are very diverse. Buy in the construction yard, antique shops and real estate sales. You can also find it free in the curb at the garbage collection day or in the basement, attic or garage. Even if they are slightly damaged, you can use nails or architectural glue to fix the newly found wall decor. After hanging these bailouts, you will want more.

Antique doors fill a wall with texture and warmth.

4. Hang Paper Maché Animal Heads

A stuffed trophy head may not be a cup of tea, but the paper-horse animal version is much more stylish and funky for urban lofts, bohemian bungalows or modern condos. Choose from foxes, zebras, rhinos, raccoons, deer, giraffes and unicorns. Some are sold completely white and others are painted similar to animals.

You can choose solid bright shades, painted flowers, blue sky and clouds, stripes, polka dots, rainbows, chevron shapes, paisley or any design you like. This fantastic trophy head will best fit in the game room or lobby where your family or friends can see.

Paper maché animal heads also look precious in the little one’s nursery.

5. Hang Macrame Wall Hangings

Retro macrame wall hangings are particularly fashionable in the bohemian and mid-century modern atmosphere. Each handicraft is designed to add texture, interest and personal expression to any space. These artisan works replace traditional works of art and are sometimes used as part of the gallery walls.

Macrame wall hangings are looped into a solid wood ledger or carved driftwood. You can hang light macrame with one fingernail. If it is too large, you may need to use multiple hangers.

If you like macrame in the 1970s but hate the expensive tags that come with it, try making a budget-friendly wall hanging. Go online to find basic macrame patterns, practice different types of knots and create your own designs. It may seem difficult at first, but in the end you will have problems.

Macrame wall hangings can be very simple or extremely complicated.

6. Install a Gallery of Mirrors

Mirror Gallery is an interesting option for adding dimensions, reflected light and visual expansion to your room. It is also great for checking your hair and makeup before going out the door. The grouping is very impressive and makes a special touch in a small powder room or large lobby.

Over time, in garage sales, antique stores and thrift stores, mirrors are piled up, which is much cheaper than the price of a large piece of art. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes to fill the entire wall. Antique mirrors add elegance and vintage feel. You can create a variety of atmospheres by mixing old and new in the existing and modern spaces.

Hanging a mirror gallery can be a bit intimidating. Mirror groupings look random, but each mirror group must be intentionally placed. The easy way is: Make a paper cutout of each mirror and glue it to the wall until you decide on the perfect placement.

A mirror gallery brightens up the staircase and contrasts against the emerald wall.

7. Put Collections on Display

Snooping in the house, take a similar thing and mark it on the wall. If you can’t find something that works, hurry to make an unusual wall exhibition. Look for items such as vintage signs, hats, watches, African masks or old records. Mark on the hallway wall, media room or family lounge.

Think of something industrial like a rusty gear on the partner’s man cave wall. If you want a strange curiosity and like to go to an antique shop, collect old decorative plates to decorate the restaurant walls. Display a group of exotic flat baskets on the walls, featuring a variety of patterns and colors. The collection forms the texture focus on the room.

An assortment of antique rolling pins will make a lovely display in your kitchen. You can use twine on nails or cup rings to place them on dowels, metal towel racks or hang them vertically from the handle.

Rwanda baskets on the wall add color, texture and an exotic flair.

8. Display colorful books on unique shelves

For the love of books, here are some practical and decorative ideas for displaying books on the wall. The wall shelf keeps you tidy without having to stack books on the table and floor and neatly show the shape of the room. Various wall-mounted shelves or bookcases covering the walls showcase colorful and interesting books.

For artistic look, white or brown kraft paper makes a solid dust jacket a neutral background for contrasting wall colors. If you don’t have a lot of books you have, visit a used book seller and choose a batch with blocks of the same or different colors.

Fantasy Book Tree is a fun way to organize your books on the walls of your child’s room. Bookshelf tree design is a simple and ideal way to fill a blank wall. Tree branches and stems are literally shelves on which books can be stored. Connect the pieces with wood glue and nails, then attach the wood to the wall with screws. You can paint the wood or leave the wood naturally.

Other bookshelf ideas have an industrial flare. Combine old-fashioned lumber with galvanized plumbing pipes to create a rustic bookcase for added texture and warmth. Search online for your favorite shelf design. Websites typically include photos, detailed instructions, materials, and supplies. Good construction is a relatively easy project.

9. Use Mid-Century Wall Decor

Geometric shapes in the mid-century, such as sunshine, constellations, Sputnik and waves, became fashionable from the late 1940s to the 1960s. Revival can be seen everywhere and these retro wall decorations are very demanding. Various mid-century styles feature metal Brutalist sculptures featuring jagged edges, rough surfaces, and coppery cyan. In terms of kitsch, ware chi fish, ceramic pink flamingos and long-necked cats are just as popular as other designs.

The main advantage of the mid-century wall decor is that you can often find original works on real estate sales, garden sales and online sites. Prices made by well-known artists may not be discounted prices. However, there are still many mass-produced and newly made replicas.

Mid century Brutalist wall sculptures are often large enough to cover a wall.

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