February 29, 2020

50 powder room ideas to turn small banjos from ordinary to special

Powder rooms, also known as small guest tubs or semi-tubs, are usually located near the entrance to a home or apartment and consist of toilets and sinks. Most bathtub spaces are small and basic but not necessarily.

If you entertain often, guests will probably use a half bath. What does the room say about you? With powder room ideas and tips, it’s time to change your reaction from ordinary to something special.

Create a picture-rich setting using creative powder room ideas

First things first. Do not treat the powder room like a normal bathroom. Open your half bath and watch as a small treasure chest waiting to be discovered. The first secret to creating a gorgeous space is to consider what guests will see when they first open the door.

Tip: open the door of rebellion and visualize your ideal figure. Is there a bold color splash? Is the vanity and lighting centered symmetrically and perfectly in the door opening? Does color and texture attract you?

You pretend to be a photographer and take a picture of a half bath outside the room with the door open. Then check out how to improve your design for better photos, like a half bath idea.

Half bath ideas featuring colors

You are dealing with a small space, so don’t be afraid to be bold. One of the easiest ways to say big words is to use bold letters.

Tip: Forget the rule that small spaces should be white or bright. Add your favorite color to the walls. Here’s a powder room idea that adds color to the space:

Paint the entire room in deep rich color – with ceiling
Paint the wall behind the dressing table in a high-gloss, bold shade
Add colorful accents, such as towels and art in light tones
Read more about the rules of the small bathroom here.

Here’s a powder room idea with inspiring colors.

Primary color powder room ideas

Black half bath ideas

Powder room wall wallpaper

The latest wallpaper design is a great way to bring life to a small powder room. With a variety of colors and patterns, you can transform your powder room into a showcase!

Tip: choose vinyl, waterproof wallpaper in case of splashing. And if you live in a rental, find a removable wallpaper that will allow you to easily take your wallpaper without damaging the walls when moving. See here for more information on removable wallpaper.

Split into nice tiles

Tiles can be expensive. But if you have a small bath, you don’t need a lot of tiles to make a big statement. The effect far exceeds the initial cost.

Tip: To make the tiles colorful, choose a graphic pattern or a tile with a unique shape and use it from floor to ceiling. If you have a limited budget, tile your vanity wall and use an affordable flooring option that looks like stone or real tiles, like vinyl adhesive tiles.

Do not settle in a regular powder room mirror

Half pieces square feet are limited, so calculate every inch! The powder room mirror is not only an exclamation mark of the half bathroom design, but also extends the small bathroom.

Tip: Do not buy a primary mirror. Find interesting art frames and add mirrors. Or do something unexpected, such as creating a gallery wall of small mirrors above a dressing table. Be creative!

Choose functional and stylish powder room lighting

Good lighting can make all the difference in a powder room. Consider powder room lighting as an earring to complete your outfit (or half-bath).

Tip: layer lights to include mood lights and functional lights. The pendant can create a door and still illuminate the room. Wall candlesticks or candles can add to the mood. Consider bright and cool bulbs for functional lighting and dark and warm bulbs for ambient lighting.

Offset elements in the focal wall for visual attention

Do you want something fresh and modern in demigods? You can put everything in the center and see it symmetrically. Or you can group things on one side to add interest by breaking the rules.

Tip: Here are some ways you can add visual interest by offsetting the elements of your powder room:

Vanity mounted mirror on left or right
Grouped lights or pendants on one side
Group accessories on one side or the other

Make vanity the star of your half bath

The powder room has two main functions. Wash the toilet and use the toilet. Therefore, the wash basin is very important in a small bathroom. Make it a show topper.

Tip: Choose a small piece of furniture that will be used as a dressing table. Add a bowl-style sink that sits on top of the piece. Or if you want to save space and have a modern look, install a floating shelf counter. Looking for the perfect small bathroom vanity? Check out this round up with the best compact bathroom vanities on sale now.

Half dressed up bathroom wall

A little woodworking can give a luxurious and expensive feel to the most basic half-bath. If you own a house or apartment, adding a Waynes coating, paneling or molding to the powder room can increase the property value of your home.

Tip: Mount crown molding or prefabricated wooden wall panel on half piece and finish with semi-gloss or eggshell for a luxurious feel.

The small space but grand texture is the secret of a nice half bath.

The texture adds sophistication to the interior. The touch is very attractive to most people because of the touch that people can reach. The powder room is small but layer so many textures that you can add depth.

Tip: Use a soft monochrome color theme when working with textures. Sticking to the natural colors of different shades of the same tone allows you to mix and match different patterns and textures.

Methods of adding texture to the powder room include natural stone finishes with various patterns and surfaces. Image: 2id Interiors and Laura U Interiors

Complete half bath with accessories

Now that you have created the coolest powder room, you need to bring it all together with the perfect accessories. After all, magic is in the details.

Tip: The items you can add to complete the powder room are:

Garbage bins in harmony with soap dispensers, tissue box covers and trays
Wall art
Candle or room diffuser
Vase or Decorative Vase Collection
Towels featuring unique design details
Plant or orchid

Check out this reflex decoration idea to complete your space.

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