February 29, 2020

14 rooms falling in love with penny tiles

Tiles in the bathroom can sound original, like spring flowers. But just like a good floral, the wow factor of the tiles all goes down to the tile you choose. Don’t be a square! Penny tiles (also known as penny rounds) are small, round, hexagonal tiles that can have a visual impact on the bathroom, kitchen or other rooms in the house.

Penny tiles are often found in historic houses, but they can also be found in the newest coffee shops and the most popular bars. Why? It adds an interesting aesthetic, is versatile and, like other tiles, can be easily managed even in the most humid areas.

Using Penny Tiles at Home

Let’s talk in more detail about the versatility of this small tile. It can be found in traditional ceramics or ceramics, but it is also available in more interesting materials such as glass and metal. Basically, don’t worry before despairing about placing low key mosaics. You can buy penny tiles already arranged on the mesh base, so all you need to do is grout around the set pattern. It’s a bit of a trick to make people think they’ve invested a lot to create a luxurious look for your bathroom or kitchen.

Resurrection of Penny Tiles

Not the first penny tile in the sun. This tile (especially hexagonal) was popular in homes around the country in the early 20th century. In the meantime, it is often found in historic houses or houses where people try to give a vintage feel.

That doesn’t mean that this tile style only works when you want a retro feel. Choosing a single color of penny tiles can give a clean and minimalist look. At the other end of the spectrum, select tiles of different colors and arrange them in an interesting pattern for maximum effect. Obviously this is a variety of design features. Let’s look at more rooms using penny tiles to turn the wheels of the window.

11 more rooms with penny tile

Do you think penny tiles are back in popularity? Do you want to use it in the bathroom or kitchen? Please tell us what you think.

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